GBA picture book reviews

There were some really fun children's picture books entered in the Dan Poynter Global eBook Awards. I didn't get to read them all, but here are my reviews of just a few of them, including the winner, Sully's Topsy Tale.

Alley Cat, by Marilee Crow follows a town-cat's search for a new home in the suburbs, and invites young readers and listeners to see the world through different eyes, while reminding them of the value of home and family. Read this one with a 1-star light crisp coffee.

Golden Daffodils, by Liam Maher, tells of Paddy the gardener's efforts to win a prize at the spring flower show. Tupo the Hoopoe really wants to help, though fairies and leprechauns might have other ideas... Lots of words, nice dream-like pictures... Drink a crisp 1-star coffee with this one.

The Magic Word, by Sherril S Cannon, is a really nice book, highly recommended for parents with kids just starting school, just learning the value of good behavior and that "magic word." Clear text, musical rhythm, uncluttered pictures... drink a 3-star balanced coffee while reading this well-balanced book.

And finally, Sully's Topsy Tale, by Donna Shepherd. This (deservedly) prize-winning book is a perfect combination of bright zany pictures, musical text, a gentle lesson in taking risks, and well-hidden lessons in music and the letter "s." There's even a recommendation from a speech pathologist! Enjoy a 2-star bright lively coffee, but be careful when you laugh--don't spill your drink.


I thank you for the kind words about Sully - my favorite of the Topsy Tales. What a fun way to review books!

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