Saturday, September 24, 2011

Are you a member of the Santa Club?

I'm delighted to welcome author Kelly Moss to my blog today--and not just because it gives me a bit of extra time for catching up. She's the author of the Santa Club, available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc..., and if you're wondering what you'll do if your kids (or grandkids) start asking "Is Santa real?" this year, this is a magical and wonderfully appropriate book to give them.

So, welcome Kelly Moss, and what inspired you to write such a great book?

Reading and writing have always been a passion of mine. When I was younger reading was more of my focus than writing.  I loved to read David Eddings, Steven King, VC Andrews, and Ray Bradbury.  I also read the classics like Little Women and Jane Ayer.  Give me a historical romance and I am in.  But then again, any romance I would read, I am a girl.  I just wasn’t a girl that sat long enough to write.  It is so funny now I can sit for hours.  I prefer to write by myself in my office for long periods of time.  How funny age can transform you! Reading is still a passion, but now writing is so much more the focus.

The Santa Club was my keystone.  It was the first time that I had an overwhelming sense of purpose to write down the story of The Santa Club.   Just like my old fantasy novels there is a true sense of the mystical in The Santa Club.  What is considered a child’s fairytale is actually a truth.  Santa is real.  When our kids were young I never viewed the truth of Santa.  Not until Bertie, my mother-in-law, and a true, loving, non-judgmental Christian soul explained Santa to my son. That fateful day was an amazing day for our family.  It was close to Christmas and I was worried that Jonathan would ask if Santa was real.  As a Christian I had a hard time knowing what to do with the whole Santa tradition.  The thought of seeing our child’s face through the joy of giving so appealed to my husband and me.  To have our children know the idea that someone loved them so much that they gave gifts in secret with no fan fair, and nothing expected back.  Because we loved the wonderment of that idea, we knew we wanted to keep the tradition, but what to say when that fateful day comes and the question is asked, Is Santa Real.

Santa is magical like the books that I loved as a kid.  And the truth of Santa is even more special when you know the true beginnings which started with a monk in Turkey.  When you think that this tradition is so beloved that it is performed worldwide year after year, century after century, you realize you are part of something so much grander than just a fat man in a red suit.  And when you realize that this monk was a true Christian, you know there is so much more to Santa. That is why the story had to come out, regardless of my skills.  What a blessing to have something you feel so important to share take you into your true calling.  Let’s hope that The Santa Club Book can do that for kids and families everywhere. 

Merry Christmas Everyone, Kelly Moss


maryrussel said...

It sounds like a must read for all parents struggling with how to explain Santa to their kids.

Anonymous said...

Once a group of soldiers resting from a battle talked about the most disillusioning moment in their life. Most said it was the day they found out there was no Santa Claus. It's mystified my why people would continue the tradition, but this book seems as if it's a good way to teach children the truth of it and the magic rather than the disillusioning lie.

Ruthi aka abitosunshine said...

I agree with Mary. We must first learn before we can teach.