Still reading children's books too

Gypsy Shadow will soon be publishing my third spiritual speculative ebook, but if you go to their site, you'll see they have books in many different genres, including lots of children's books. I've been lucky enough to read a few of their children's books, so here are some reviews with recommendations for coffee to drink while reading. (Let the kids drink juice, milk or water perhaps...)

I read John Paulits' Philip and the Angel a few months ago and enjoyed following Philip's misadventures in his quest to get a dog. Best friend Emery doesn't like girls. New friend and ally is a girl. And there's all those mysterious actions of the adults around them. This week I read Paulits' next Philip story, Philip and the Superstition Kid. The children are just as honestly depicted. Adult tensions are very real, but cleverly portrayed so parents will relate and kids will, most probably, ignore them. And the boy who everyone teases accidentally gets his own back in a most delightful way.

Another Gypsy Shadow children's author is Violette Antcliff, who writes the Jason books. This ten-year-old's adventures are set in England and start when he becomes convinced there's a crime underway at his local store. Jason and the Corner Shop pits kids against villains and creates a well-drawn sense of English small-town life, from local policeman to best friend to buying sweets. Jason's adventures continue when he meets a lonely boy at the rec in Jason and the Friendly Ghost, and the pleasingly informative ghost story (with enjoyable subtext encouraging kids to pay attention to details and listen to the elderly) is followed by Magic and Mayhem and a talking cat. Jason's a very fun protagonist with a happily youthful point of view, convincingly portrayed by his author. It'll be fun to see where his adventures lead him next.

Hmm. Did I forget the coffee? How could I forget coffee? Go for a 2-star bright, lively, easy-drinking coffee with each of these and you can't go wrong.


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