Thursday, September 8, 2011

GBA Book reviews: Children's fiction

I read three excellent children's books while I was acting as a judge for the Dan Poynter Global eBook Awards. One of them even made the winners circle, though it didn't win. Anyway, I thought it was probably time to post some reviews, so here are links to my reviews on gather. I'm not sure drinking coffee while reading to kids is highly recommended, though it might be a necessary antidote to sleep deprivation. Anyway, I'll include my usual coffee stars as well:

The Weaver, by Kai Strand, weaves words beautifully in a story that teaches the art of storytelling through storytelling. I would have loved to see this one win--I really enjoyed it. Read with a 4-star elegant, complex cup of coffee.

The Little Daisy, by Cathrin Hagey, offers a fun tale of a daisy who wishes she was a bit more spectacularly beautiful. It reads like a grandmother telling sweet stories to her child, with gentle lessons hiding in the tales. Brew a 1-star mild light coffee to read with this.

Pixie Tales, by Francine Trevens is a fun set of naptime tales to read with a small child--old-fashioned pixies, modern town-centers, gremlins, ogres and gnomes... all sweetly told and easy to read. Another 1-star coffee might go well.

All these are available as ebooks, so really easy to carry on your next vacation...


Kai said...

Oh my gosh, Sheila! Thank you for such nice, nice words about The Weaver. I'm grinning like a loon.

maryrussel said...

They all sound charming. The art of story telling through story telling sounds like it would be helpful to read for authors.

Cathrin said...

Sheila, thank you very much for your thoughtful comments about my ebook. I have gone on to read many of your other book reviews. I like your style.