BLOG TOUR: Visiting Cheryl Masciarelli

The Flower Child Blog Tour will stop at CMash loves to read today, at Thank you so much for inviting me CMash! Readers will even have a chance to win a pdf copy of Flower Child on her site at, so go on over there and see what it's all about!

CMash runs a beautiful blog with book reviews, giveaways, guest authors, challenges and more. I shall certainly be visiting there more often now I've met her, and I'm really grateful to have her support in my first ever blog tour.

Meanwhile, here are links to some of my more recent book reviews, with coffee recommendations of course:

Legend Unborn, the Key of Souls, book1, by David G. Welsh: A fantasy with fearsome monsters, English accents and well-placed humor, book 1 introduces a host of characters taking their separate journeys and leaves the reader eager to find book 2. Drink a 2-star bright lively coffee with this one.

Say a Little Prayer, by Catherin Cavendish: A modern fantasy with friendly ghosts, delightful accent and tone as the legends of the music scene gather to answer a lonely woman's prayer. Perfect to read over lunch with a 1-star light crisp coffee.

Eminent Domain, by Tit Elingtin and Erin O'Riordan: An modern urban tale of a man trapped by the law of eminent domain, and the wife who supports him. But final straws can break many backs. You'll want a 5-star bold dark intense coffee with this detailed intense tale.

and finally two really fun puzzle books:
100 Puzzle Quizzes, and 101 Puzzle Quizzes, by the Grabarchuk Family: Definitely fun, definitely addictive, a great mix of challenging and not so challenging puzzles that you can carry around anywhere and enjoy anywhen on your kindle.To be enjoyed with a 1-star light crisp coffee (you'll need to stay fully awake to solve the puzzles).


maryrussel said…
Crossing my fingers and hoping I win. I'd really love to read Flower Child. It sounds like a great book.

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