Wednesday, October 19, 2011

BLOG TOUR: Memories, and Where it all started

Lyn Hywela has kindly invited me to her blog today. If you go to you'll find my post on how memories inspired the writing of Flower Child. You'll also find the author who indirectly led me to  Gypsy Shadow Publishing.

I was a beginning writer, dreaming of being published, slowly collecting that drawer-full of rejections, and wondering if I'd ever make it. I'd scarcely even heard of ebooks and had no intention of writing one. But I'd learned somewhere that to make it, these days, you need an internet presence. I started a blog and visited other blogs, leaving occasional comments, and slowly making friends. Finding my comment on Lyn's blog won me an ebook was a very nice surprise, especially since the ebook was a wonderful fantasy by Aubrie Dionne. After reading the ebook I visited the publisher's website where I found an intriguing competition... and the rest is history, with my most recent ebook released from Gypsy Shadow being my beloved Flower Child.

It feels kind of appropriate that Flower Child's tour is now visiting Lyn's blog. Maybe someone will read the post (read the book even?) then visit the publisher and...

Thank you Lyn, for inspiring and directing and hosting me!

Hywela Lyn is the author of StarquestChildren of the Mist and Dancing with Fate, all available from

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