BLOG TOUR: Goodreads Q&A

Today I'm on Goodreads, answering questions about my background, my writing and whatever else anyone chooses to ask. I'd love to meet you there.

Meanwhile, in the real world, I'm heading off to Wordstock in Portland, looking forward to some great talks by great writers, and hoping to pick up some good books at the same time. Tomorrow I'll even be manning my own two feet of stall-space on the Willamette Writers' stall, so, if you live near Portland, why not come and see me and my books. Then you can ask those goodreads questions in person.

See you in real or cyber-space... and have a great weekend!


Have a fabulous weekend, Sheila! I would so love to meet up with you in Portland! Alas, that's a long way from Ohio! Sell lots of books!
Anonymous said…
What's so great about My Little Pony? Check out this Q&A. It's funny.

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