BLOG TOUR: That first book...

Today my Flower Child blog tour stops at Anne Petzer's blog, celebrating the end of Anne's first blog month with a post about "my first book." Of course, my first problem was working out which book to write about. Does that pile of paper, hand-written in multi-colored biro and tied up with string in a cardboard box count? Go to and find out.

While you're there, you might want to read some of Anne's other posts--especially if you like cats.

(These links are for you Mum! I hope they work.)

Anne Petzer is the author of the Zvonek 8 series, Cat on Thin Ice, Cat Among the Pigeons, Mau-ow, Return of the Rats, and The Miracle of the Carp, available in two volumes from Gypsy Shadow: With Christmas coming, these sound like purr-fect treats for cat-lovers.


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