BLOG TOUR: Pat Bertram interviews Megan from Flower Child

Pat Bertram interviews Megan from Flower Child on her blog today with another excerpt from Flower Child posted on I'll hope to see you (in both places), and don't forget to leave your own interview questions too--though I'm sure you'll find the ones Pat asks are delightfully searching and satisfying.

Afterwards, why not visit the Second Wind Publishing site to find out more about Pat's books:

Light Bringer: Becka Johnson, mysteriously abandoned as a child has come home to Colorado in search of her identity. Meanwhile Philip Hansen is being chased by strangers. A relationship grows, as does a field of glorious flowers.

Daughter am I: Mary Stuart inherits her grandparents farm--all well and good except if they've only just died, why did Mary's father tell her they were dead before she was born? A feisty crew of delightful octogenarians help solve the mystery and fill the novel with stories, character and hope.

More Deaths than One: Bob buried his mother, went to SE Asia for 18 years, came home and heard his mother had just died. There's got to be something wrong with that, and it's got to be one of the best starts ever to a mystery novel. I love this book.

And, finally, A Spark of Heavenly Fire: Disease ravages a town in Colorado, and a middle-aged woman searches for life, meaning and love in unexpected places.


Deeply and personally touched by the interview of your character, Sheila!

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