Wednesday, August 15, 2012

With thanks to Amazon

I finally released three of my Inspired by Faith and Science books on Amazon Kindle, dreaming they'd automatically link the the Createspace versions in the Amazon listings and all would be well. I can now report all is indeed well, thanks to the excellent customer service at Amazon's Author Central. The books didn't link but I clicked on those little blue "contact us" words as I viewed one in Author Central. I chose "other" as my question type, selected "I want to link different editions of my book" from the dropdown, gave them the ASIN of the kindle version and the ISBN of the paperback, and... within just a few hours the link was made!

Thank you Amazon Author Central!

If you want to see how it turned out, I now have a sensible link to my author central page too--likewise created in just a few hours! Just click on

and you'll see my twitter feed, my blog, my bio and my books. If you wait a few days you may even see more books as I continue celebrating the upcoming release of Divide by Zero by re-releasing  What IFS books on Createspace and Kindle.

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