Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dividing by Zero while my infinite to-read list slowly shrinks

I'm celebrating Divide by Zero's release by re-releasing my Inspired by Faith and Science books on Amazon. So now I've got an author page that makes me look amazingly prolific--if only I had a sales page to justify it! Still, at least being published in print has persuaded me I'll have to confess...
I am an author! 
A dream fulfilled!

I'm also a reader and reviewer of course, so here are some more book reviews as I work on slowly shrinking that to-read list...

Starting in the past with Reid Lance Rosenthal's Threads West: Maps of Fate, this one's a surprisingly enjoyable tale of America's pioneers and does a great job of bringing a wagon train to life. Ever wondered how to cross a river with wagons? Or how to jerk beef? Enjoy this book with a well-balanced 3-star cup of coffee.

Moving forward to a slightly paranormal version of the present, I just finished reading the final two parts of the Vampire Hunter's Daughter by  Jennifer Malone Wright. The episodic tale comes to a satisfying conclusion in part six with plenty of story-lines resolved while new adventures beckon. And the daughter in question has grown quite pleasingly into her skills and feelings. If you like vampires and teen fiction, this is a series to enjoy with 2-star lively cups of coffee and the odd 5-star brew for when the tale gets darker.

And stepping into the future,  The Mediator, by Michael Abayomi creates a fascinating future city and avoids the miserable pitfalls of trying to detail a complete history. The plot's fast and furious, the writing sometimes slow, and the ending's a little too easy. But it's a fascinating tale and a world well worth revisiting in future volumes. Enjoy this short novel with a 2-star easy-drinking coffee.

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