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Free books:

Gentle Wind's Caress, by Ann Brear, is free on Amazon Kindle today--just click on the link to find it, or click here for Ann Brear's guest post on history, travel and research. This one's definitely on my reading list.


I'm just wondering... I bought an ebook from Amazon a while ago and when I finally opened it, my copy turned into different book by the same author--one I'd already read. I tried reading online and redownloading from Amazon, but the book didn't change so I contacted the publisher who was kind enough to send me a new copy. So now I'm wondering, how often do ebooks break, and why?

Of course, the worst thing about ebooks for me is the fact that my kindle keeps freezing--is my kindle breaking--does it think I read too much? Sometimes I have to go make another coffee while I wait to turn the page. Still, coffee's good...

So, finally, book reviews--with coffee:

Starting with Dead Anyway, by Chris Knopf. The publisher's still looking for an overall title to this new series--a main character who's lost his identity but is slowly regaining all his investigating skills. Arthur Cathcart wants to know who killed his wife and why, and he'll stop at nothing to find out. Meanwhile he learns that broken people do strange things, and true identity's more than the label we wear. A thinking reader's mystery and an investigator's action adventure, this one's genuinely got something for everyone and a great protagonist and plot as well. Enjoy with a 4-star elegant complex coffee.

The Man in the Mountain, by Doug Lucas, is another modern mystery, but has more of a made-for-TV Castle flavor, humorously self-referential and doggedly ironic. Filled with books and readers, from wannabe-novelist druglord to wanna-read FBI-agent, this is one to swallow in quick chunks over 1-star light crisp coffees.

Warren Adler's The War of the Roses inspired a movie many years ago, or so I'm told. I never saw the movie, but the book has a good old-fashioned movie feel to it, with huge sets, huge staircases, glorious chandeliers, and larger than life characters. The dissolution of an apparently perfect marriage is oddly absorbing, pulling the reader in as it drives the characters deeper into the path of an oncoming train wreck. You'll want a 5-star bold dark intense cup of coffee with this fine intense tale.

J. Conrad Guest's the Cobb Legacy is a sport-inspired contemporary novel, linking the death of the famous Ty Cobb's father with a middle-aged man's broken marriage and longing for order in his world. Misunderstandings between men and women, parent and child, and friend and advisor abound, but there's a common thread of forgiveness and love that really ties this together making the pages fly by. Enjoy a well-balanced 3-star coffee with this beautifully balanced novel.

Weeping Willows by B.J. Robinson is a scary short story set in a beautiful old Louisiana home filled with memories and ghosts. Which modern couple will last the longest and win the vacation of a lifetime? You'll have to read it to find out--enjoy a bold dark 5-star coffee as you read.

And finally, on a lighter note, Rae of Hope by W. J. May is the first in a new young adult series that combines elements from Harry Potter, House of Night, Heroes and X-Men, with a secret boarding school in England, mysteriously tatued teenagers (as opposed to merely tattooed), curious powers and "the girl who survived the fire." Is a daughter condemned to repeat the sins of the father, or might she just be able to have a say in her own destiny--as well as choosing her boyfriend? Enjoy a 2-star lively coffee with this lively tale.


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