Friday, August 3, 2012

No Appendix to this Tale

Things I planned to do on Wednesday:
  1. Post book reviews
  2. Read a couple of books on my computer
  3. Clean kitchen and bathrooms
  4. Mow dandelions
  5. Reread the galley for Divide by Zero and send my changes to the publisher.
Things I actually did on Wednesday:
  1. Took husband to the urgent care clinic for a stomach ache
  2. Took husband to the ER for suspected appendicitis
  3. Followed husband along many corridors as they prepped him for his op
  4. Collected overnight stuff for husband.
  5. Watched a glorious sunset from the window of his hospital room.
All is well. Husband is home, minus appendix, now and I'm playing catchup. So here are a few book reviews--I'll post more later. I might even clean the kitchen and bathrooms later, but the dandelions will just have to continue shining their gold on the clear summer air for a few more days.

Blue links, when I add them, will lead to full reviews on gather. And coffee will be much appreciated.

Donna Fletcher Crow's A Darkly Hidden Truth is the second in her Monastery Murders series, but it reads perfectly well as a standalone mystery with a delightfully English feel and fascinating ecclesiastical background--think Brother Cadfael meets Agatha Christie perhaps, and look for books one and three. Meanwhile, enjoy a 3-star full-flavored well-balanced coffee.

Water Lily by Sherrie Hansen comes second in the Maple Valley trilogy, romantic small-town dramas centering on three sisters. Again the stories can stand alone without trouble, and in this one the clock is ticking on a woman returning to the hometown where she was always teased for being overweight. But perhaps beauty's more than being just like your sister, and a perfect shape is love in a perfect place. Another book to enjoy with a 3-star well-balanced coffee.

Third in the trilogy is Merry-go-Round by Sherrie Hansen, where the perfect little sister learns not to keep so many secrets, and a perfect church is rocked by an imperfect marriage. Forgiveness and healing are never easy, but the author paints pictures of a very real place where real gossip hurts and real love heals. Perhaps a 4-star complex coffee would go well with this slightly darker tale.

Next comes Kat Richardson's Labyrinth, and this time you probably do need to have followed the series to fully appreciate the tale, though the author does a really good job of bringing forgetful readers back up to speed on past events. Dark and scary, surreal and intriguing, and beautifully set in the Pacific Northwest--in coffee country--this is one to enjoy with a 5-star bold dark intense cup of coffee.

I'll try to get these reviews on Amazon tomorrow, and maybe even post some more--all that reading time in the hospital waiting room but no computer to write on! But I'm grateful for doctors and nurses, for health and for healing, and for God's blessings on all of us.


Laura Eno said...

Ha! Love the title. I'm glad your husband's home and everything is set to right.

Ruth Cox said...

Oh my! Sorry to hear your husband had to have his appendix removed but surely glad you were there to see him through it all ... And to see the glorious sunset!