Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Feeling eFestive

The eFestival of Words opens on Friday and there's a great schedule of events, chats and workshops.

Click here to download a digital pdf guide, including all schedule information, the complete list of finalists for awards, guest bios, and more...

No new registrations after 1200PM EST on August 17th, so go to the Welcome Center and get your (free) registration now (click on Register, in the middle, just under the banner). Don't forget to sign up for the Drabble Workshop too, Friday August 17th at 2.00pm EST--just go to your User Control Panel (under the banner) after registering, click on Usergroups (Left Hand Side), then select and join whichever groups you're interested in. I'll look forward to seeing you there!

Show don’t tell. Make every word count. Select your
scenes. And be unique. Drabbles provide a way to
practice all these, kind of like warming up before
writing that marathon novel. A drabble is a story, with
beginning, middle and end, told in precisely 100
words—no hesitation, deviation or repetition allowed.
We’ll edit for word-count, choose where to use those
evocative descriptions, lose the space-fillers and cover
the cutting room floor in this drabble workshop.
Drabble your poems and essays too, dribble in 50
words, or drip 25, then watch your writing grow
healthy, lean and strong.

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