Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Divide by Zero has arrived on kindle !!!!!

I just typed my name into Amazon and found Divide by Zero is there, on kindle, with my name on its gorgeous cover and a "look inside" feature that tells the story I wrote. Wow! There's something really scary, really thrilling, really amazing about that. I think I need lots of coffee and chocolate to celebrate. Thank you Stonegarden !!!!!

While I drink that coffee, I suppose I really should write something too. So I'll add some book reviews and coffee recommendations to my blog. Here are books I've read recently written by other people, but don't forget, Divide by Zero's by me, and if you read it I'd love to hear from you !!!!!

I'll start with two contemporary mysteries. An Altar by the River, by Christine Husom, is another authentic police drama in her Winnebago Mystery series. It's darker than the previous two novels, scary and sad as it deals with the wounds of children at the hands of a cult, and the evil threads that grow to intertwine through society. Drink some 5-star dark intense coffee with this enthralling mystery.

Jean Henry Mead's Gray Wolf Mountain centers on those feisty "older" women, Dana Logan and Sarah Cafferty, as their love of animals brings them face to face with terror while an unseen stranger shoots at people and wolves. A fine cup of 3-star balanced coffee will go well with the nice balance of humor, danger and mystery in this one.

Now for a tale of military adventure. Stephen England's Pandora's Grave has plenty of mystery too but it's heavier on the action as a CIA team attempts to find missing persons, save the world from a deadly virus, find the mole, and keep the peace in the Middle East. The lack of swearing is quite pleasing, and the writing nicely avoids political or religious messages, even while maintaining a Christian viewpoint. Enjoy a 5-star intense cup of coffee with this intense thriller.

And finally a contemporary paranormal novella with scares aplenty: R.J. Sullivan's Haunting Obsession. Imagine what might happen if human devotion could empower ghosts. Just how empowered would someone like Marilyn Munroe become? The premise leads to a fascinating combination of ghost story, love story and paranormal thriller, all in a quick exciting read. Enjoy a 5-star bold intense coffee with this intense tale.


Bearman said...

Said it elsewhere but Congrats Sheila!

Uvi Poznansky said...

How exciting Sheila! Best of luck with your book launch!