Saturday, August 4, 2012

Essaying to catch up on reviews

I'm endeavoring, essaying, striving or trying to catch up on posting reviews, so here are a few brief reviews of books of essays--it seems appropriate. The coffee ratings are for caffeine to keep me awake (except it sends me to sleep) and the blue links are for longer reviews on gather--another place where I shall shortly essay to catch up.

Memories are Precious, by Fran Lewis, tells the story of her mother's alzheimer's journey, with stories, memories, verse, useful advice, and some fascinating insights into her mother's thought process--as the author says, her mother spoke for her when she was a child; now she speaks for her mother. The mix of family recollection, friendship tales, pleas for more research and lists of symptoms and warnings works quite well. An interesting book for anyone as this disease becomes more common, best read with a 1-star crisp light coffee.

Because we Care, by Fran Lewis, is a follow-up brochure giving tips for patients and their carers. Lists are nicely organized. Details are helpfully repeated making the important facts easy to find as you browse through the book, and some helpful essays at the back give a personal face to the problem. Read this short brochure with another 1-star crisp coffee.

Miss Hildreth wore Brown, by Olivia deBelle Byrd, is a wonderful collection of "Anecdotes of a Southern Belle," filled with gentle humor, delightful common sense, and the sort of honesty that calls a small latte filled with calories both expensive and fattening--in fact she ponders whether one can justify spending as much on coffee as on sending the kids to college... So you'd better enjoy some inexpensive home-brewed elegant complex 4-star coffee while reading this lovely book.

Finally, Publish like the Pros, by Michelle DeFilippo, is a book on self-publishing that's given me so many great insights, not just into things I need to learn, but also into understanding the process my professionally published novel is currently going through. Reading about typesetting while reading the galley for my novel was a real eye-opener. Highly recommended for all writers, this is one to enjoy with a 2-star lively, easy-drinking coffee.


Jonathan Wilhoit said...

It's been a long time since I've heard/read someone use the old-fashioned meaning of "essay," and I love it!

Consider this comment a little extra motivation to light that fire under your butt. Now get to reviewing! :P

M Pax said...

Sounds like some good reading.