The Joy of Book Reviews

Bethlehem's Baby just got another book review, and I'm over the moon. Read the comments of a mother and her four-year-old here:
and please check the YES box if you find the review helpful! I certainly do.

Of course, while touring the internet with my book (see Bethlehem Blog Tour here), seeking out new bloggers and readers and interviewers and more, and putting the finishing touches on Nazareth Neighbors (which is, I think, in its final edit stage), I've done my fair share of reading too. But I've been very remiss in writing reviews for those authors, who like me, so eagerly check Amazon daily to find them. Today I shall try to remedy that by posting some reviews here, so please find your coffee mug, prepare an enjoyable brew, and see which book you'd like to read with it.

Starting with a distinctly scary novel for the Halloween season, Four ‘Til Late, by Eric Garrison, is a great road-trip story with scares aplenty, food, drink, and a surprisingly wise lesson hiding behind the fog. Enjoy with a 5-star bold intense dark coffee.

Next is the second volume of a fascinating fantasy series, Legacy (The Time Weaver Chronicles, volume 2), by Thomas A. Knight. The first book was good but this one's stronger, and readers could easily start here. Weaving time and character seamlessly into a fascinating plot of magic and strange societies all bound to a fantasy world, it's one to enjoy with a 4-star rich elegant and complex cup of coffee, and a series to watch.

Jim Butcher's Cold Days fits well with this theme, as the series about a Chicago wizard restarts with a Chicago wizard turned prince and pawn of the Queen of Winter. The enemies are bigger, badder and more devious than ever, while Harry Dresden learns his new powers, and old friends learn the ways of a new world. Stronger than the last episode, and definitely good enough to leave me craving more, this is one to enjoy with another bold dark intense 5-star coffee.

Moving on, Cries of the Lost, by Chris Knopf, is a fascinating, literary, contemporary mystery, following on from Dead Anyway but again, a strong standalone novel in its own right. The man who lost his wife and memory, then left his identity behind, is now trying to find his wife's true past while creating his own new future. The story travels continents, explores history and its ensuing societies, satisfies code-breakers, is filled with spy-story action, and is anchored by great characters and intelligent mystery. Thoroughly enjoyable, this will complement a 4-star elegant complex coffee beautifully.

Day of Reckoning, by Stephen England, is another contemporary action-suspense, with Christian and Muslim protagonists, dirty politics, betrayal in high places, fast action and intelligent mystery. Enjoy with one with a bold, dark, intense 5-star cup of coffee.

And now, I'll go enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee while reading another book... Watch out for more cat book reviews coming soon.


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