Books. Cats. Life is Sweet

"Books. Cats. Life is Sweet." So says the badge on Book Reader's Heaven, and if you click on the link (or the image), you just might find me over there today, opening the Bethlehem's Baby blog tour with a look at the difference between telling tales, telling stories, and telling lies. Leave your questions in the comments and we can enjoy a discussion on the difference between mythology, fiction, fact....

 and sheep and lambs, but no cats... This week's cats are all drinking coffee with their book reviews below:

THE MYSTERIOUS CAT: Quotes for Cat Lovers (Quotes from around the world) [Kindle Edition] by M. C. Moya (Author) is filled with fun and fascinating quotes to appeal to the all cats from the most jadedly docile to the most active tangler of threads. With quotes from all around the world, nicely organized by theme, and cleanly distributed on the page, this makes a really enjoyable coffee table kindle book to be enjoyed by cat-lovers everywhere. Brew some mild, light, crisp one-star coffee to share with this pleasing book.

Ashley K. Williams' The History of Cats is a much more serious tome--fascinating history, but rather slow and convoluted reading. You might need a dark intense five-star brew to help find your way through this one.

Next is A day in the life of Noodles the cat [Kindle Edition]H. Siegel (Author), S. Yan (Photographer, a beautiful picture book to share with kid, and purr-fect for adult cat-lovers too with its gorgeous photos, gorgeous cat, and images of everyday feline fun. Enjoy this with a bright lively 2-star cup of coffee

And finally, More Fun with the Ginger Nuts, by Peter Brighouse, offers nice bright pictures with an interesting storybook adventure (two adventures in fact). Some formatting glitches might be a problem, but if you're reading aloud to your children it should offer plenty of bedtime story fun. Enjoy with a mild crisp one-star coffee.

And while you're thinking of bedtime stories, don't forget Bethlehem's Baby is now available on kindle, nook and kobo. Go to Book Reader's Heaven to read today's blog tour post,  and enjoy the first stop after the official start date of the tour, and look for Bethlehem's Baby in all these fun places:

Find out more about the Five-Minute Bible StoryTM Series on the publisher’s website:


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