One Lovely Blog, and a lovely dog as well

Is this a lovely blog? I don't know, but Catherine Cavendish just passed on a Lovely Blog award to me, so someone must think so.

There are a few conditions though... strings attached perhaps... and the first is to make sure I link back to the blogger who gave me the award. You really ought to follow this link--Catherine's acceptance blog is full of really fascinating facts. In fact, I'm heading back there momentarily to remind myself or which famous author coined an advertizing campaign for Guinness. See you there!

The next condition is that I reveal 7 little-known facts about me. Given that I'm touring the internet with Bethlehem's Baby at the moment, I suspect there are random facts to be gleaned all over the place. There again, I'm not sure how many people are following the tour. (Are you?) So maybe some of those facts still qualify as little-known. Anyway, here goes...

  1. When I was in college a gorgeous little cat adopted me. It used to catch moths and play with them. I'm scared of moths.
  2. Years later we saw a gorgous little cat trying to catch a seagull. It won for a while but the seagull escaped in the end. I'm not scared of seagulls.
  3. One of our sons' small friends asked us to care for his cat when he was on vacation. The cat was scared of me. I never did know why.
  4. He also asked us to care for his rabbit. The cat was scared of the rabbit. I found out why (and still have a mark on the back of my hand to prove it.)
  5. Our son wanted a dog. He told us so many times but my husband wasn't  swayed by his arguments. However, a kind friend asked us to take care of her parents' dog. The parents came home from vacation and gave us the paperwork. We say we're related by dog.
  6. Now dogless again, it's me that wants a dog but my husband hasn't been swayed by my arguments. Do you know any kind parents who'd like to be related by dog?
  7. I'm almost related to a friend's springer spaniel. He treats me like one of the family and I hope to borrow him one day when his parents go on vacation.
I guess I'm meant to pass the award on to other bloggers when I finish my post. But you know who you are. Your blogs are truly lovely. So please just leave your link in the comments if you want to accept the award, and I shall enjoy visiting and learning 7 little-known facts about you!


Thanks for the mention, Sheila - and what a lovely blog post. See? I told you that you deserved this award!

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