Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Textnovel blues

I’m typing words on a page, and letters fly from keyboard to screen. My muse is hitting the high notes, laughing today, as fingers perform a percussion of clattering dreams.

And coffee’s bitter brew steeps sensuously, its scented veil trailing across my eyes.

But when I look at the wide white screen the notes of the muse have gone flat. Did I mean to write that? “Obituaries” will soon be telling its own.

Textnovel’s page is gray, the keyboard stone, and finger-ends are wearied skin and bone.

“Save chapter, start another?” Hit okay. The author and the muse together groan.

(100 words)

Written for Wednesday Writing Essentials:
• include three senses in your article
• mention a book by title, either a real book or one you've made up
• use the word "page"
• make sure someone shows a noisy reaction such as cry or scream or roar with laughter, etc.

“Obituaries” is the romantic mystery I’m writing for a competition on You have to join the site to read, but if anyone’s interested, I’d love to see you there. You could even vote for me, but don't worry, I know I won't win.

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Saoirse Redgrave said...

You can do it, Sheila! Embrace the impulsive nature of textnoveling--sometimes the most random things create the most lasting impression.

And Textnovel can open doors you didn't even realize existed--My series is coming out through St. Martin's Press next year as a result of my win at TN last year.

Good luck--keep writing!
~Saoirse Redgrave
Author of the 13 to Life series (launching in 2010 from St. Martin's Press)