Monday, August 17, 2009

Looking on the Bright Side

Saturday's weather was rather gray. I set up my stall in the cool of the early morning, far side of the hall with a really great view of the door. It was all I could've asked for. Then I settled in to read. I'd brought a book but maybe I should've brought two.

We decided that people must be staying indoors since the fair seemed so sparcely attended. Of course, if the day had been sunny we'd've said everyone was too busy enjoying the sunshine to browse our stalls.

Still, I sold two books and lost one. (Someone had stopped to look at it, then turned to a neighbor, swinging the book in the air by a single page. Soon afterwards, the misused page fell out. I guess that's life.) And I gave away tons of promotional flyers and bookmarks and business cards.

Maybe one day a flyer will land in the hands of someone interested - someone looking for an Advent devotional for church, or a Bible picture book for their after-school class... And maybe they'll contact me... Maybe make an order... Well, I can still dream.

Meanwhile, I read the book I took with me, made several new friends, and learned some more tips on how to set up my stall. As long as I keeping looking on the bright side, I'll know it was a really good day.


Helen Ginger said...

I love your attitude, Sheila. I definitely could learn from you. I don't rant and rave, but I tend to forget there's a sunny side to everything. Thank you for that reminder.

Straight From Hel

Kristi said...

Great positive attitude! Maybe that is why I gave you an award. Please come visit to pick it up.

Anonymous said...

What happened to "you break it you buy it"