Saturday, August 8, 2009

Meeting more writers

I went to Rose City Romance Writers this morning as a guest of Minnette Meador, but everyone made me so welcome I felt like everybody's guest. They're a wonderful group - so encouraging, so fun, and with such a vast range of experience.

Of course, the bit Minnette hadn't warned me of was that I'd have to stand up and introduce myself. So who am I, I wondered? I've been calling myself a wannabe writer for so long but I suddenly couldn't find the words. After all, I'll soon have three short stories in print. Doesn't that mean I sort of am a writer?

They applauded my successes and I felt great, then they asked me what I write.

There's a mystery story, a science fiction tale, and a trio of historical pieces; and there's the two women's literary novels (unpublished), the middle-grade/young adult series (likewise), and the Christian books (self-published, with more coming soon.) I've not done a very good job of branding myself there, so "I write stuff" says I. Then I remembered that blogpost they asked for on redroom the other day. "What's your obsession?" and there was the answer. "I write stuff about people who aren't sure who they are or how they fit in and I watch them find out."

That includes romance, of course.

So now it's time to get back to writing that romantic mystery on textnovel. The characters were filling my ears with the next few chapters as I drove home, and now they're itching to get their hands on the keys... computer keys I mean... at least, I think that's what I mean...

It's been a long day.


Helen Ginger said...

Sounds like you had a good day. I don't write Romance, but went to a local RWA meeting one time. I had a similar experience. They made me feel totally welcome and it was a fun group.

Straight From Hel

Gladys Hobson said...

Sounds like a great experience, and one which encouraged and inspired you to release the stories already within. Our characters can be slavedrivers!

Kelly Moran said...

i have a talented friend who illustrated my kids book. we're submitting now.
i love my rwa group. such great people.
great blog. i'm following you now. you should pop on over to mine. i have all things books...
nice to meet you.

Morgan Mandel said...

I'm with Chicago-North RWA and we always treat our guests warmly. I don't think we've scared anyone away yet. It's great being a part of my chapter. I get such support from my fellow members, not to mention lots of great writing advice.

Morgan Mandel

Donna M. McDine said...


What a terrific experience. YES, you are a writer! Best wishes for your continued success.

Children’s Author
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