What's so special about 1,000?

The book promotion for Psalm Stories is going strong.

  • It’s ranked #1 in the US and the UK in free children’s religious ebooks and  
  • it’s #1 in free Christian Old Testament reference ebooks, 
  • it’s got a wonderful 5-star review http://www.amazon.com/review/RH5BSR14QTM21/, and 
  • it’s had 820 downloads since the promo started. 

That’s 820 potential readers, reviewers, raters, and maybe even purchasers of other books in the series, and it’s way more people with my words in their hands than I’d ever thought possible. But…

Well, there’s something about 1,000 isn’t there? It’s the last day of the promotion and I would so love to be able to say there’d been 1,000 downloads. Is that just greedy, or is there a reason why 1,000 feels like such a tempting target?

Of course, 1,000 is ten cubed, and cubes are nice, and ten’s a very nice number…

  • Symbolically speaking, ten is the number for mankind (Ten Commandments anyone?) and three for God, or certainty, or solid confidence (like triangles). And raising ten to the power three? All that power’s got to mean something. So John saw 144,000 people around the throne—12x12 for 12 tribes and 12 apostles, times 10 for people to the power of 3 for the divine…
  • Computationally speaking, I remember those old old days when you had to make sure you had enough digits in your storage to hold the answer…
  • And humanly speaking, hey, a thousand just sounds so much more than eight-hundred-and-twenty.
So I’m hoping and dreaming—yes, and praying too—that a thousand children or more might be blessed by these 75 stories before the promo ends.


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