Thursday, January 24, 2013

What can you do in five minutes?

What can you do in five minutes?
  • Answer five emails if well-caffeinated and undistracted. Otherwise it might take fifty-five.
  • Read a very short story, unless you end up looking for other books by the same author and meandering the internet instead.
  • Plan the day's schedule, unless planning involves getting started on the schedule, in which case you'll never end.
  • Make coffee. That helps with the well-caffeinated bit.
  • Drink coffee. That counts as distraction.
  • Make tea, though deciding between coffee and tea can take more than five minutes on its own, so I'm not sure that counts.
  • Make a decision--probably not.
  • Make a snap decision, perhaps.
  • Buy a book, but let me into a bookstore and I'll be there for an hour or more.
  • Buy a book as long as the line's not too long at the checkout.
  • Buy an ebook because there's no line.
  • Read a bedtime story at the end of the day, then spend fifty-five minutes getting the kids to stop playing.
  • Tell a bedtime story, then spend fifty-five minutes writing it down and more on editing. Then find a publisher... allow five years... and then sell a bedtime story book to your friends.
Can I sell a book in five minutes? I guess it depends how long it took you to read this post. The book's called Psalm Stories. It's filled with five-minute read-aloud stories, contemporary, ancient, futuristic, realistic and more, all based on Psalms. If you get the companion book too, More Psalm Stories, you'll have 150 tales, each with questions and simple prayers, all tied to the 150 psalms in the Bible--perfect for planning those five-minute children's sermons in Sunday school, or for bedtime reading, or even for your own short Bible study.

Five minutes. Just click on the link:

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