Thursday, January 31, 2013


I went to the doctor yesterday. He's been giving me antibiotics for a lump at the top of my thigh, but it wouldn't go away. So there was I, expecting he'd just say, "Keep taking the tablets." And instead he asks me, "Well, shall we take it out?" What! Now! I thought for about a minute and said yes, since sitting on the lump was rather a pain. Now I'm  sitting on a hole.

Thing is, the lump really didn't seem so big. Just something slightly out of place, not quite right, that wasn't too bad to live with. But now I've seen how much was hidden underneath (think a rather solid eyeball perhaps) I'm really glad I'm rid of it.

One day later, sitting slightly awkwardly in my computer chair, I'm editing the sequel to my novel, Divide by Zero. Part 2 of this companion tale's not quite right but not too bad for me to live with either. Maybe I just need to tweak this chapter, or that... Or maybe I should take out the rather solid eyeball and let the rest of the story knit back together around the hole. In fact, I'm pretty sure that's what I should do.

I'm looking for roots now and snipping them off carefully so there's nothing left behind, and I'm thinking how the doctor carefully dug to get the whole cyst out. He showed me it afterwards--no big deal--it looked quite cool (and quite like an eyeball)! So I'm thinking I might turn part 2 into a short story one day, or store it in a specimen jar on the shelf. I'm glad it's gone though. In a novel called Infinite Sum, it really wouldn't do to let an unwanted storyline proliferate, infinitely or otherwise.

Divide by Zero's available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc, or direct from the publisher at a really nice discount: I hope you enjoy it. And I hope you might look out for the next book too.


Ruth Cox said...

Oh, good grief! And I woke up whining I have managed to get the head cold the girls at work have had all week.

Sheila, you sure have a good attitude about working through things. Glad to hear you opted for removal of the cys.

And I have no doubt you will tweak your sequel with a great author's eye view.

Again, I apologize for not finishing my reading and review of Divide By Zero as yet. Between work and illness I have not had time nor energy for reading.

Sheila Deeth said...

No problem Ruth. Work, life, illness, family visits... there are many other things besides reading. (!!! Did I really just say that !!!)

My Mum goes back to England tomorrow, so the hole in my thigh's nearly mended just in time for a hole to appear in my living room. I'll miss her.