Seven Stars Shining

I've reviewed quite a few Seventh Star Press books now and I'm always delighted to get another one. Fantasy, science fiction, horror, great illustrations... whether it's an adult short story like R. J. Sullivan's Haunting Obsession, young adult fantasy like Jackie Gamber's Redheart, complex fantasy worlds like D. A. Adams' Brotherhood of Dwarves or Steven Shrewsbury's Thrall, or sci-fi/horror/mystic blends like David Blalock's Angelkiller, I've really enjoyed them all (as you'll see by following the links to my reviews on Gather). So the announcement that

Seventh Star Press is proud to reveal the new cover created by award-winning artist Matthew Perry for the upcoming release of the Writers Workshop of Science Fiction and Fantasy

really has to be interesting...

It's got a great cover (of course) and must surely be an interesting book for anyone writing sci-fi and fantasy.

Developed by Bram Stoker Award-winning editor Michael Knost, the Writers Workshop of Science Fiction and Fantasy is a treasure trove for writers of all levels looking to develop their craft in the speculative fiction genres.  Featuring contributions from several of the best speculative fiction authors in the world such as Neil Gaiman, Orson Scott Card, Harry Turtledove, James Gunn, Alan Dean Foster, Ursula K. Le Guin, Joe Haldeman, Kevin J. Anderson, Tim Powers, Mike Resnick, and many, many more, the book features a wealth of essays and interviews focusing on the writing craft as it pertains to the genres of fantasy and science fiction.

Slated for a late February release in eBook and a trade paperback release following soon after, the Writers Workshop of Science Fiction and Fantasy will be an important contribution to the speculative fiction literary community.  Whether just beginning a writing journey or extensively published, writers of all degrees of experience are certain to find this book to be an invaluable reference source.

For further information on the Seventh Star Press and its titles such as the Writers Workshop of Science Fiction and Fantasy, please visit


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