Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Refreshing that Amazon page

I never thought I'd sit here refreshing an Amazon page, but seeing my book climb from #5 to #4 has got me clicking that refresh button way too often. (What about coffee? What about lunch? What about plans for Boxing Day afternoon? say the family...) Still, it's kind of cool, and I'm definitely dreaming of #1 whether or not I make it--can you help?

Genesis People, book one of the Five-Minute Bible Story Series, is free on kindle from today till December 30th, and it's #4 in Old Testament Studies, #15 in childrens fiction > Christian on Amazon as I type! How cool is that? Try it free! Load that kindle you found under the Christmas tree!

Arghghgh--I'm turning into a marketer!

Meanwhile there's another great book from the same publisher on the same free kindle deal--romantic suspense set in Appalachia and the world, spanning poverty and riches, love and betrayal, hope and recovery. Two books for the (free) price of one, both on kindle. Please download Genesis People and Promises, and I promise I won't spend all day staring at the computer and clicking "refresh." I promise... seriously... yes, I'll go make that coffee.

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