Sunday, December 30, 2012

Last day of the sale !!!!!

It's the final day to get a free kindle copy of Genesis People, my last day to stare longingly at those ratings and positions. It's #1 in Old Testament Studies at the moment, and #3 in children's fiction>religious>Christian, so I'm somewhat over the moon, thoroughly delighted, trying not to listen to my cynical mathematical self analyzing the data. Hey, it's good data! #1 is good! And, if you want to download it and find out what I'm writing about, Genesis People is here:
and free until midnight!

Meanwhile I have still been reading, in between cooking, shopping, cleaning, eating (ah yes, eating...), washing (must wash son's clothes before he departs...)... So here are some more book reviews with coffee recommendations (for flavor--I don't rate coffee, I savor it!).

First is Glastonbury by Donna Fletcher Crow, a wonderful masterpiece reminiscent of  Edward Rutherfold's glorious historical tomes. Nicely split into separate books covering different eras from Druidic times to the dissolution of the monasteries in England, it tells a well-researched tale of fascinating people, very real events, and satisfyingly plausible roots of favorite English myths. I love it! Recommended for reading with many long comfortable mugs of 4-star elegant coffee.

After such a long (and wonderful) read, I needed some short stories for a change of pace, so my next reviews include several very short ones. First is the Haunting of Alligator Lake by B. J. Robinson, an odd mix of scary, ancient and modern, common sense, and sweet salvation in the haunting mists of a mysterious lake. Then comes Will o the Wisp by P. L. Parker, an intriguing short paranormal romance that will leave you wanting more once you puzzle it out--nicely lyrical, pleasingly odd. And then comes Sunflower, another B. J. Robinson short story, which, of course, I have to love because I love dogs! Enjoy 2-star easy-drinking coffee with each of these.

Then there's  Athine Verses, the Beginning, by Shannon McRoberts (who recently toured through my blog). It's certainly an interesting beginning to her mythological series, combining many myths and backgrounds, adding hints of worlds beyond worlds, and describing a complex, well-imagined history. Enjoy with some 5-star bold, intense coffee.

Then, changing pace and space again, my next review is for A Little Crushed by Vivian Brentanos, a well-told and evocative tale of a wounded teen who hides her feelings behind crushing rejoinders, then surprisingly finds herself falling for an unlikely visiting teacher. Set in England and Australia, with characters that grow on you and dark situations that offer genuine hope for recovery, it's a well-told tale to read with a well-balanced 3-star coffee.

And finally some puzzles to while away those brief moments between cooking Christmas dinner and eating it... Grabarchuk's 101 puzzle quizzes (reissued) is as entertaining and fascinating as all the other puzzle books, with a nicely smooth interface on the kindle, well-designed and easy to pick up and put down.

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