Friday, December 14, 2012

Five-minute stories, released in time for Christmas!

Genesis People, the first of the Five-Minute Bible Story Series, was released on kindle yesterday by Cape Arago Press, and just in time for Christmas! Load it onto that kindle you're planning to hide under the Christmas tree. Then read the tales to the children at bedtime and settle their questions to musings, to comfort, to sleep. Meet all those famous characters whose stories you're sure you must once have known. Then see for yourselves if they could be just as real as you and me...

Real world, real people, real God...

and over forty real stories, plus author's notes.

And, while you're browsing the kindle aisle, don't forget to look for Catching the Eagle, by Karen Charlton (click here for my review of catching the eagle), offered free from Knox Robinson this weekend. Then drink some coffee and enjoy the following book reviews to guide your search for Christmas gifts:

Which reminds me, you'll find reviews of Genesis People here and here.

Mind Games, by Susan Kay Quinn, is a fascinating short story introducing the author's young adult Mindjack series. The writing's smooth. The voice is pleasingly consistent. And the premise is fascinating. Can you imagine what life would be like in high school if we could read minds? Drink a well-balanced 3-star coffee, read Mind Games and find out.

For the smaller children there's Linda Black's The Adventures of Boots: The Giant Snowball. Nicely illustrated with very pleasing animal characters, this tells of the folly of impatience and the value of friends, reminding children to count their blessings and thank God. Enjoy this lively tale with a lively 2-star coffee.

For a more serious read, there's The Inbetween People by Emma McEvoy, a hauntingly evocative picture of life in Israel that takes no sides but paints the tale through the eyes of individuals trapped in the desert between absence and loss. The writing's lyrical, the plot weaves slow revelations into a beautiful tapestry, and the whole is the sort of book you can't put down, even when you've finished it. Enjoy an elegant 4-star coffee with the beautifully elegant book.

Another wonderful book exploring the human relationships of a terrorist attack is Ann Patchett's Bel Canto. Human lives matter more than the location or cause, and music unites in a well-played symphony of fear, hope and isolation. Enjoy with anther 4-star elegant cup of coffee.

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