Sunday, December 23, 2012

Five-Minute Bible Story Series

The Five-Minute Bible Story Series is growing. Re-edited, re-formated, re-proofread (my Mum's a wonderful help, though I'm not sure this is really what she planned when she flew here from England), and re-covered with the most gorgeous cover art (Thank you Cape Arago Press), the storybooks should all be available on Kindle for Christmas. For those of you with kindles under the Christmas tree and an urgent need to fill them, Genesis People will even be free on kindle from December 26th to 30th , so you can try the stories before you buy. Kindle inspiration in the little ones, curiosity in the older kids, and a renewed interest in the Bible for adults. Then look for  E.G. Lewis's Promises, also from Cape Arago Press and also free at

But now I'm wondering, should I write about those Battling Judges next, as I always planned, or should I sneak forward, in celebration of the season, and write about shepherds and wise men, angels and a scared young bride with her elderly cousin... What do you think?

Meanwhile, if you're ever planning on re-editing and re-issuing a previously self-published book, be prepared to be suitably dismayed at what escaped your proof-reading gaze the first time around, and suitably delighted at the chance to fix things.

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