Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Travelling the world for free?

Ah, I wish I could travel the world for free... or maybe not. I'd love to take a trip back to England sometime this summer, if we can manage to plan something that works. But reading How to Travel the World for Free by Michael Wigge, has convinced me I'd rather pay than try to travel free. I've reviewed How to Travel the World for Free here

but I didn't include any pictures, so here, for anyone wishing to see how free world-travelling might look, are just a few...

Eating flowers looks kind of odd, but I assure it's not the oddest thing this author ate on his travels...

Antarctic penguins look great--his aim was to reach the end of the world, otherwise known as Antarctica. I would certainly like to get there somehow, but I'd rather be a tourist than a guide.

Wigge is a well-known media personality in Germany—a journalist, award-winning documentarian, comedian and world traveler. Wigge traveled 25,000 miles from Europe to Antarctica--without any money--which he documented and turned into the upcoming travel series "How to Travel the World For Free" which starts airing on PBS this month (perhaps in your city?) and on local channels in over 70 markets across the US running through May and June. His accompanying book contains his colorful tales and tips on dashing across the world by his coattails.

From hosting a street pillow fight in San Francisco (which paid for a flight to Costa Rica), to earning money as a "Human Sofa", Wigge's creativity and chutzpah seem limitless. One plan saw him become "The Hill Helper" in California: The extreme slopes of hilly San Francisco equaled weary tourists, so Wigge strapped on a sign proclaiming that he would push individuals up the hill, all for one dollar. Tired travelers leaned all their weight into his hands as he marched them up a hill.

By the end of the day, he earned enough to buy groceries.

Says Wigge: "Everything is possible without money. I made my dream come true."

As for me, I'm dreaming my novel still and hoping it might soon come true.

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