Monday, May 14, 2012

66,000 words, loving that transfer

I've started connecting part one of Love on a Transfer to part two. It's 66,000 words now, with several chapters still waiting to be written. And I like it! I guess I'm hoping lots of other people might like it too, but that's all in the future. For now, it's nice to see it coming together and feel like it's going to work. I shall switch off my computer in a moment and go wander around the green, talk to Tom who's going to tell me how he felt when Ellen went back to England with Eric, and how feeling so guilty about his behavior changed his character. Poor Tom. Even non-perfectionists get hooked up on wishing they were perfect once in a while.

This isn't the cover, but it's the picture I carry around in my mind. Love on a Transfer--Cambridge to Salt Lake City and back, with thanks to Willow Moon Publishing!

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