24,000 words, 103 puzzles, 2 short stories and 3 novels

Want a fun free book? I just got Steven Shrewsbury's Overkill free on a kindle deal--available today and tomorrow. I keep reading about how good it is, sword and sorcery and so on, so I'm really looking forward to it.

Not that there's much time for reading at the moment. The sun came out, so yesterday I spent hours cutting the grass while my characters chattered over the sound of the lawnmower. American Tom's really down on himself. English Anne's feeling left out and lonely. And the wedding's tomorrow. Must get typing...

Meanwhile I spent spare moments between tasks enjoying 103 puzzle quizzes from Grabarchuk. I'm not sure why, but these puzzles appealed even more than previous sets--perhaps practice makes practiced? Anyway, a mild crisp 1-star coffee will go well as you work your way through this book--highly recommended for those times when your kindle's ready but you've got too much to do.

The Reaper's Game, by John Grover is a classic gruesome horror story, short, fierce, and pleasingly intriguing, perfect for a busy day and best enjoyed with an intense dark 5-star coffee. By contrast, Jason Baldwin-Stephen's Empty Shells is a masterful contemporary tale which fits story and character arc into a very quick lunchtime read. The common man is content to ignore nature but finds himself slowly drawn in. Then the claws of bureaucracy meet nature's red teeth. A thoroughly satisfying short story, best enjoyed with a well-balanced 3-star coffee.

Jamais Vu, by Monique O'Connor James is a novel that had me glued to the kindle from start to finish. A young woman rushing towards the light after an accident finds herself sent back and unsure of her mission. Is she meant to save lives or learn the secret to saving her own life? And can she really change what she's only seen in dreams. Haunting, evocative, and written with a consistent sense of immediacy, this is one to enjoy with a 4-star elegant, complex coffee.

The teens in Natasha Larry's Unnatural Law have more predictable mysterious powers, blending X-Men with paranormal fiction and leading to a fascinating take on evolution. There's a lot of coincidence in the tale, but maybe later volumes will give more direction. Meanwhile it's an exciting story of scary powers combined with teen hormones and strange protectors. Enjoy this one with a 2-star lively coffee.

My final book from the last few days is M.R. Mathias' The Confliction, which brings this branch of his Dragoneers saga to a close (and gently teases the door to the next branch). Nicely edited, fast-flowing, with great characters and a thoroughly exciting final battle, this intense novel is one to enjoy with some 5-star intense coffee, and it's a great continuation of the tale.


maryrussel said…
They all sound like books I would enjoy. Thanks for the link to the free book. I can't wait to read it.
Anonymous said…
My, you're reading schedule puts mine to shame! These sound like some great books. I've already scribbled a few down for the TBR list. :)

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