Tuesday, May 1, 2012

14,000 words and editing

I know, I know. I should be writing more words. But when that editing itch gets me, I just have to reread and revise what I've got. The weekend's 13,000 are now a little more polished, and they've grown a bit too. Tom's about to get back online and work out what day it is--strange how the sense of time goes awry when traveling abroad. And Anne's going crazy wondering why Tom hasn't been in touch yet. Given a little more time and words, I'm hoping they might meet soon.

In other news, there's a book called the Brotherhood of Dwarves free on Amazon kindle today and tomorrow. It's billed as YA Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, and General Fantasy--I plan to give it a try though it may take a while to get around to reading it.

Now back to those words and Anne's urgent emails to Tom...

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