The rain stopped and we went to the beach. Then the rain started again. But first we saw yellow sun spilling on sea. We listened to waves, watched them tower like rolling ice poured over rocks, smelled their salt in the air, hair blown in our eyes. We tasted the bitter tang of coming showers and stopped for lunch.

The restaurant had gluten-free bread, so we all had sandwiches and they were good. Then we had cake because we hadn't left room for dessert but we couldn't resist--gluten-free chocolate cake!

And then it rained. But who cares. We had a brilliant day! Trees loomed through rain's gray mist like mystery as we left the beach behind.

Today I cleaned.


Bearman said…
Sounds much better than shoveling snow.
Sounds like a great day, indeed, Sheila! I'm dealing with 6 inches of white fluff on the ground; homebound!
maryrussel said…
I hope you are having a beautiful sunshiny day today.

We got snow overnight and I'm debating about braving the cold and shoveling it or letting it for hubby and his snowblower when he gets home after work.

If I was nice, I'd do it so he wouldn't have to deal with it. I can't decide if I am feeling all that nice.

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