Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Last Week's Book Reviews

Last week it rained, a lot. One advantage of rain is that it keeps you indoors, which just might mean you get to do some reading. Of course, there's always washing and cleaning house which likewise benefit from rain, but still, I did read one or two books, or three, four, or five...

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Sunrise to Sunset, by Laurie Bowler is a vampires-in-love-type novel with an interest in cats rather than werewolves, a somewhat unreliable narrator (with unreliable DNA?) and a nicely imagined universe waiting for more.

Standing at the Crossroads, by Charles Davis, is an eye-opening, wonderful novel of African fear and love and words and books and the value of story. I truly couldn't put it down. Thank you Permanent Press.

Oskaloosa Moon, by Gary Sutton, was another un-put-down-able tale. Reminiscent of Forrest Gump, it creates a world of small community, church uniformity, the exclusion of the strange, and the curious innocence and forgiveness of the kind. In the end even the reader might forgive--a haunting tale.

Witness, by E.G. Lewis, was an amazing story of the time of Christ, well-researched, neatly-plotted, with unobtrusive faith and a really good story. I'm looking forward to reading the sequel, Disciple, soon.

Secret Agenda, by Jerry Banks
was my second Jerry Banks novel; I read and reviewed Second District last year. Both books surprised me by bringing the legal world to life and making me really care. I wasn't in Oregon when the famous cult moved here, but this novel tells a story that still feels all too plausible.

Back to teen fiction, Ada: Legend of a Healer, by R.A. McDonald, was truly intriguing; hard-hitting, gritty, been on teen anger rather than angst, and raising some fascinatingly deep questions about duty, power and personal care and concern.

And finally, a non-fiction book borrowed from a friend: The Great Typo Hunt, by Jeff Deck and Benjamin D. Herson. I'm almost afraid to review it--I'm sure to include a typo somewhere, or some other error. But it was a really absorbing read--fun story, fun musings, entertaining typos and educational explanations; I really enjoyed it.

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That rain leads to a lot of good reading.