Sage Cohen, author of The Productive Writer, visits my blog tomorrow

I'm still attempting to be productive, but most of what I've made in the last few days was edible and is now eaten. Still, it's the thought that counts... maybe... or it's rejoicing in small victories, setting somewhat higher goals, and getting organized enough to aim at them. I did throw my blogs through the template designer yesterday in an attempt to make them more professional; if you'd like to test-drive a few of my links I'd be enormously grateful for any comments. And tomorrow I'll enjoy sharing Sage Cohen's guest post here.

The Productive Writer is a really neat book--enjoyably readable as well as informative and helpful; so I'll hope to see you tomorrow in the company of The Productive Writer herself, Sage Cohen.


I already know I need this book!!! I'm looking forward to Sage's post.

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