Monday, January 10, 2011

This weekend's book reviews

If ebooks are virtual books, then Virtual Pulp #1 is well-titled. It's also the first book I've read entirely on my brand new Kindle. I had a pdf version sent to me by the author, so I connected the Kindle to my computer and dragged the file across to copy it--no problem at all! Of course, the text was a bit small, and the neat tool for changing font sizes doesn't work on pdfs. But the tool to turn the screen on its side works fine, then it was easy to read.

Anyway, here's three more book reviews, for the three books read last week; more coming soon...

Blind Hope: I joined Blogging for Books to get my copy of this, and shared it with my Mum. We both really enjoyed the story of a blind dog teaching its owner to see what had been missing from her life.

Virtual Pulp: This one's not for Mum, but reminded me of books I used to read--high adventure, tortuous honor, epic battles and wounded beings surviving the odds. I really enjoyed it.

Dead Center: I was sent this by the Permanent Press--it's a brand new January release, and I couldn't put it down. Based on true events--that's usually a guaranteed way to make me stop reading, but this novel has people and relationships right in the center of a murder mystery, and it really draws you in.

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