The Productive Writer - winner!

I've assigned a different "card" to each commenter from Sage Cohen's productive writer post on Monday.

Cold as Heaven is Adventurer
Jean is Bureaucrat
Horrible Sanity is Cellar
abitosunshine is Chancellor
Book Bird Dog is Chapel
Carol Kilgore is Coucilroom
Patricia Stoltey is Feast
Angela Ackerman is Festival, and
Mary Russel is Laboratory

If the cards sound familiar, it's because they're from the board game Dominion, which we got at Christmas and spent lots of time playing with the family. (It's a really fun game!)

In Dominion, you deal five cards from the top of your deck to make your hand. So I've shuffled the cards, dealt five, and I'm picking up the next one to receive Sage's book... I turn it over and the winner is, abitosunshine with the Chancellor! Congraulations Ruthi; I'm sending you an email, and I'm sure you'll love the book.


abitosunshine said…
Sheila, I love the way you chose the winner in your giveaway... Especially since you chose the Chancellor, ha! Thank you! And thank Sage! I look forward to being more writing productive in 2011!
What fun! .. congrats to the winner!
Sheila, I received the book and it is fantastic! Highlighted HERE

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