Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What I'm reading, writing, dreaming, maybe doing...

I'm reading "The Poet" by Michael Connelly. It's a long book--well, relatively long--but I'm enjoying it; It has an interesting mix of first and third person writing that really works! And my husband enjoyed the story--a genuine mystery with complicated thrills--which is why I'm reading it.

My husband's visiting family and carrying books to while away hours of traveling. Would he take a kindle if we had one? I'm not sure. There's something safe about dog-eared books; cheap to replace; forgiving when you spill the airplane coffee on them; and they don't mind being dropped while you frantically search through your bag. Besides, if his Dad likes something my husband's reading, it can always get left behind.

What will I read next? I have a couple of ebooks on the computer waiting for reviews, so probably them. Though I'd rather curl up on a sofa--those aching legs and arms and neck after that fall.

And what will I write next? I'm editing Black Widow Blue, hoping and dreaming she might see light of day sometime. Meanwhile I'm trying to create a whole new website for my Refracted Muse. And I'm enjoying playing with Blogger in draft.

Then there's that dear friend who suggested I ought to try a virtual book tour. Now there's a thought... I even have a few uncorrected ARCs of Refracted that I could offer as incentive or awards. (Only one major typo, and it looks really cool just like a real eBook.)


Cold As Heaven said...

If you're not sure what to read next, I suggest you try The Thief's Journal (Journal du Voleur) by Jean Genet. It's a fabulous book >:)

Cold As Heaven

Claudia said...

Hi Sheila,
Congratulations on "Refracted". Your friend's suggestion of a virtual tour is great. A friend of mine did it and she was happy with the results. By the way, if you want more exposure for your book or want to be interviewed, I know a girl from the UK and lives in Rome now that has a blog where she interviews authors. Not long ago she asked autors if they wanted to be interviewed to contact her. Her name is Jo Linsdell. Here's the website:

You can also contact Yvonne Perry, she's a sweetheart. She also interviews authors. She's in Tennessee. Her website is:

I hope this helps, Sheila. Let me know if it works out. Good luck!

Patricia Stoltey said...

Sounds like you're a busy lady, Sheila. Isn't the writing/blogging/thinking/editing world great?


Helen Ginger said...

My husband has an iPad and loves reading books on it when he travels. He hasn't, so far, had a problem on the plane.

Laura Eno said...

Sorry to hear you're still hurting from the fall.
I couldn't read an ebook on the computer - too uncomfortable. That's one reason why I got a Kindle. Another is being able to increase the font size on any book!

Sheila Deeth said...

I'll look out for that Thief's Journal. Thanks. (Though my to-read pile and folder are nearly sky-high.)

And, once I get a break from catching up, I'll work a bit harder on setting up that virtual tour. Thanks for the suggestions Yvonne.