Still reading, still writing, still reviewing...

It must be time for another list of books from my reading journey, so here goes...
As usual, click on the links for my Gather reviews. I've certainly enjoyed my reading time this week.
And if you want to know more of my writing journey, just click on the link to visit my "Refracted" blog: I'm blogging this week there about how I learned to write.

God and Dog--the most amazingly simple, fun and uplifting tale of unconditional love for dog-lovers everywhere, and don't forget to visit the video too; there's a link on my review.

Underground and Vanished--the next two in Kat Richardson's Graywalker series. I think I'm hooked. Great female protagonist. Nicely imagined paranormal world firmly anchored in the real, and fun tours of historical London and Seattle underground.

The Poet--next on my list of Michael Connelly books--yes, I know, I'm way behind. I really enjoyed this one and have just started reading the Narrows, which might be called a sequel.

Simon's Choice--a powerful haunting story of family tragedy, human interactions, and eternal hope.

The Wedding Gift--haunted in a much more everyday way, with ghosts and mystery and curiously annoying but intriguing protagonist.

All Hallows Eve--thirteen scary and surprisingly varied tales for teens of all ages.

Sharing Sam--a teen story with serious depth. Family tragedies again and how we deal with each other and lives of our friends.

Tending to Grace--another teen story with depth, as a young girl gradually comes to terms with her mother's leaving her behind, and an elderly aunt learns to be comfortable with the past.

Princess Sheeba--a delightful children's story about animals in the Australian outback. The author very successfully creates voices and characters for all his cast of animals, and plots a fine tale.


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