Hitting that LibraryThing Limit

I was trying to catch up on posting all my reviews yesterday. All went well till LibraryThing suddenly stopped talking to me. It took a couple of failed attempts before I gave up and read the error message. But now I know I'm only allowed 200 book reviews there unless I pay for premium membership. Not that premium membership's expensive, but it's the thought that counts... How could I only read 200 books?

So now I'm wondering if I should delete some old reviews to add new ones, or just stop bothering to post to LibraryThing. Any suggestions? Would anyone care?

Of course, I could pay them, but who wants to do that? There's always Goodreads and Shelfari, Amazon, Barnes and Noble etc... They're all free and they haven't told me to go away yet. And Goodreads has some pretty fun book groups too.


Janalyn Voigt said…
There are a lot more people on Goodreads and Shelfari, I believe.
Carol Kilgore said…
I'd be a free spirit and try elsewhere.
maryrussel said…
I think I'd try Goodreads too.

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