Monday, September 13, 2010

A time to write

I've read all these great blogposts, author interviews, books on writing, etc. that remind aspiring writers how they have to "make time to write." Sometimes I feel like I'll never be a real writer because I'm too disorganized. Time to write? Morning, unless there's something else going on. Afternoon, unless I'm too busy. Evening, unless I'm cooking or we're watching a movie or maybe even playing a game. Weekend, unless we're shopping, or sorting out plans and trips and scheduling more... Time to write's the reward when everything else is done--better than coffee; better even than chocolate. I can't imagine not writing. But scheduling time for it just seems impossible. (Could I schedule time for chocolate?) Ah well, I'll continue to read and write randomly, leaving half-read books all over the house (or the computer hard-drive) and story ideas all over the messy shelves of memories. Then, when the day's work's done and all's right in this tiny corner of my world, then I'll sit in front of the computer and enjoy a happily unscheduled "time to write."

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Stephanie Faris said...

I think we all feel that way. Unfortunately, writing is too easily moved to a more convenient time. I think the key is to set a time and make that non-negotiable, but how does a parent do that?