Squids, sea-monsters and other distractions

Squidoo didn't used to be so addictive. I'd read a few excerpts of friends' books there, wandered round the odd page, decided I liked blogger better, then made myself a web site. A little while later I was clicking that dreaded "publish" button on Lulu and they brought up a "market your book" link. It seemed like a good idea to follow it, my marketing skills being singularly negligable. Then suddenly, without knowing how, I was creating my first Squidoo "lens."

http://www.squidoo.com/sheiladeeth sat looking lonely for a while, till I discovered quizzes. They're kind of fun, easy to make, and very useful for preparing Bible studies. I've been posting my New Testament quizzes for several months now at http://www.squidoo.com/new-testament-tales. And yesterday, as I struggled to catch up, I found all these curious sea-monsters swimming around. Apparently squidoo has changed a bit. Now there's points and not entirely pointless quests, which help you learn to do more with your site. There are friends and favorites that were probably there before but I never noticed them. There's real people really doing my quizzes, and hey, this is kind of fun.

It's also seriously distracting. But today, to fulfill a "quest" unlocked by my 25th "lens," I posted my first "music lens." I even gave it a different skin - sort of spring-like since it's a "Growing up with Christian Music" lens. Now, if I could just get to 50 lenses and become a grand squid, or something similarly fishy...


Great post, Sheila. I just discovered Squidoo, myself. It does seem like a lot of fun. 50 lenses, huh? ;o)
Hey, Sheila. I posted an excerpt with a link back to read your article on Author Haven along with a great post from youtube about how to optimize your lenses.
Sheila Deeth said…
I'm not sure I've ever been linked back to before. Thank you Janalyn, and I'm heading off to look at that youtube post.
maryrussel said…
I don't do that much with Squidoo. Looks like I'll have to spend a bit more time there.

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