Squid Sandwiches for Lunch?

Squidoo invented a new type of lens, aimed at lovers of pets. Okay, I couldn't resist.

My pet lenses:

So why do Squidoo games, with trophies, points and encouragement to read and comment (participate I guess) have such an attraction for me while I continue to overwork the "ignore" button on all Facebook's games?

On a similar note, what's with this lunch.com that I've just joined? It looks great for book reviews (and everything else reviews too but I only do books), and it looks like kind of an interesting community. There's a "similarity network" gimmick that purports to tell me who I have interests in common with; I suspect most of my reviews haven't made it into the calculations yet, or else my reviews display such varied interests there's nobody like me. Whatever... Lunch also has trophies and encouragement to read and comment (participate), and it promises to be similarly addictive.

Perhaps it's the things that ask me to write that addict me. But perhaps it's time to get back to writing novels if I want to get sold as well as published...


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