Titles, titles...

I've got the first of my proofs and I'm slowly proof-reading. The stories are going okay but I'm not too sure of my title now, so I'm writing to ask if any of my internet friends can help.

Book 1, already on sale, is Genesis People, a set of 3-minute read-aloud stories and 30-second prayers based on characters in Genesis.

Boos 2, coming soon, is Exodus Tales - you've guessed it - a set of 3-minute read-aloud stories and 30-second prayers based on events in Genesis.

Book 3 - I'm still writing this one - is Joshua's Journeys, a set of 3-minute read-aloud stories and 30-second prayers based on the conquest of the Promised Land (mostly Deuteronomy, Joshua etc.)

Book N (not sure what N is), is currently titled Psalms and Parables, a set of 4-minute stories and 30-second prayers based on the book of Psalms.

4-minute stories? I wrote these ones first, back when children's sermons in church were allowed to be five minutes long. Then they reduced them to four.

The problem is, does calling it Psalms and Parables make you think it's got the New Testament Parables inside? And if so, what might make a better title.

Suggestions so far...

Psalms in Parables
Parables from Psalms
Stories from Psalms
Psalmist's Tales
Storyteller's Psalms


Any preferences? Better ideas? ...

Meanwhile I'll continue to proof-read 4-minute parables while I wait for the proofs of 3-minute Exodus Tales . Many thanks for your help and I'll let you know how it goes :)


Bearman said…
First book on Genesis, Second on Exodus...third on Joshua? Couldn't you spell Leviticus?? haha
I rather like Psalmist's Tales
and Storyteller's Psalms--or possibly "The Psalmists' Stories."

Terry Odell said…
Titles are the bane of my writing life. Wish I could help. And congrats on the new book. I'm just starting to get back to some blog-crawling after our move.
Sheila Deeth said…
I've got some of Leviticus in the Exodus Tales. The rest'll end up in Joshua's Journeys I expect:) Back to proof-reading...
prashant said…
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