I got two of my free proofs from Lulu in today's mail -

Revelation (an Easter to Pentecost calendar based on the book of Revelation) and

Psalms and Parables (a set of 150 children's stories based on psalms.) They books look great, but of course I'll have to read them with fine-toothed comb held firmly in hand before I go public.

Meanwhile my final proof's driving me up the wall. Time's running out and I've yet to convince the Lulu program that it's a new publication and therefore deserves a free proof. Still, they have reinstated live chat to help their users, so I'm far less frustrated than I would be otherwise. Here's hoping the coupon, and proof, arrive in time for me to make my order before the March sales event finishes - nothing like deals to make headaches and deadlines :)


CA Heaven said…
I first read the title of your book as Psalms and Parabolas, in a dyslectic moment here. Religion and math would be a cool combo. Guess you remember that saying from math class: God made the integers, the rest of it is man's work.
Sheila Deeth said…
Well, I do have one out called "A Bible Book of Numbers." I do like the religion/math combo. (Lots of cool numbers in Revelation too.)
Bearman said…
Congrats...seems you are on your way.
maryrussel said…
Congratulations, Sheila! Great job! Hope you get that free proof offer straightened out on the other book too. In my humble opinion, they should always offer a free proof. It's so much easier to tell if they are any problems when you have it in hand.
Helen Ginger said…
What fun it must have been to see the proofs. Congrats. They look great.

Straight From Hel
Sheila Deeth said…
Lulu told me to just order the other proof and they'll refund the cost, so problem solved. They really are very helpful to their writers.

Free proofs all the time would be great for me, but might cost the company a lot since most Lulu books have such small print-runs. They do have some sort of preferred customer service you can buy though - I wonder what that includes... Might be worth looking into.

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