Monday, March 29, 2010

Last Week's Reading/Writing Journey

I still have two book reviews to write for last week, plus one to send off to Poetic Monthly for next month, and two to send to Nights and Weekends for their Lunch Break E-Books column. (If you head to N&W LBE you'll see one of my lunch-break reviews, for Hearts Crossing, by Marianne Evans.) But I'm continuing to take that Reading Journey and did post reviews on gather for

Legend of the White Wolf, by Terry Spear
Phantom, by Terry Goodkind
Poltergeist, by Kat Richardson, and
Staccato, by Deborah J Ledford.

Meanwhile, I edited
306 pages of Psalms and Parables - and almost decided on Psalms in Stories for the new title (Maybe I'll write Proverbs in Parables one day to go with it)
90 pages of Exodus Tales (which follows on from my 2008 book, Genesis People), and
32 pages, plus pictures, of Revelation! Easter to Pentecost in 100 words a day (my fourth 100 words a day book, following Christmas!, Easter!, and Thanksgiving!).

Now to mail my entry for VoiceCatcher 5, figure out why Lulu's Poetry site doesn't want to let me log in, and start uploading my edits to Lulu's self-publishing site.

Meanwhile, please look out for new books, coming soon to my Lulu storefront!

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Sun Singer said...

I'm getting tired just reading about all of your work.