Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Still taking that journey

I'm still Taking that Reading Journey, and I found a way to work out how many points I've made each month. Current totals... Jan 168, Feb 208, March 17. I've just posted some more book reviews too

Incendiary by Chris Cleave - an amazing tale of large events writ small in the life of a London woman. (I wrote a review of Chris Cleave's Little Bee last week. I'm hooked. He's a really great writer!)
Passing Fancies by A. F. Stewart, a very enjoyable collection of short stories and drabbles, perfect for keeping on the desktop of your computer (or by your coffee mug, though you may prefer not to eat jammy dodgers while reading some of them).
Thunder and Blood, by Stacey Voss, who hopes to give birth to both the sequel and a new baby sometime soon.
a theory of all things, by Peggy Leon: Okay, I posted this review earlier, but the book's just come out, so you might want to give it a look. Seriously, it's one of the best books I've read recently, by an author who can make math sound as interesting and creative as it really is, and describe sculpture, painting, photographs, and create the most amazingly real and heart-breaking family, and make it funny and touching and sad and beautiful, and structure it so perfectly...

In writing news, I'm slowly editing those 150 stories that I so painstakingly formatted back in January. I'm up to number 70, and restricting myself to no more than 10 at a time, in hopes that my brain won't suddenly switch off. It's amazing how many brain freezes I'm finding left over from previous edits - repeated words, missed words, wrong words... I promised my Mum I'd get these and another (shorter) set of stories done soon, so Hemlock's resting on the back burner for a while - probably a good idea now I've finally untangled the stories after last months writing spree.

Meanwhile there's still the remainder of last month's cleaning to catch up on, and all those blogs that I failed to follow while trying to reach my goals. Goals are fun, but maybe soccer has the right idea, keeping them to manageable numbers. (The guys will probably be watching soccer tonight, and I'll read, or write.)

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Cold As Heaven said...

Contemporary books? I tend to miss all of those. I probably spend to much time on the classics, and watching soccer ... and this summer it's the FIFA world Cup >:)