Thursday, May 16, 2013

Weeding, seeding, pleading and reading

So... The promotion's ended and the books were "sold." Now I'm just waiting (trying not to plead) to see if anyone liked them enough to buy more in the series. Meanwhile I'm reading, writing and researching books seven and eight (which might be called gathering seeds for story-starts). And I'm wondering why May keeps getting older while I still feel lost in February. Even the weather's betraying me--summer's arrived, which is very nice, both sunny and warm, but doesn't really do wonders for my catching up on overdue reading lists since I keep weeding flowerbeds instead. Ah well. Here are some books I was due (mostly) to read in April, with apologies, and with reviews...

Starting with a few short reads...

Sleeping Beauty, A modern fairy tale by John Phythyon, is exactly what it says--a very modern fairy tale. Blending the greeds of corporations and parents with the innocent hope of a young man staying true to the girl he loves, it sets the horrors of the familiar story in the familiar of the present day, creating a story that doesn't quite end, but certainly invites the reader in. Enjoy with a bold dark intense 5-star cup of coffee.

Trilogies, 18 sets of short fiction by Jerry Guarino, offers very short stories in sets of three, united by time, place, character or genre. Some threes form complete stories together. Others create whole worlds of mystery. And all have stings in the tale so read with care. Read these complex tales with a few cups of 4-star elegant complex coffee.

The Bad Lady, by John Meany, tells a haunting and scarily real story of a child lured into an abusive situation, and the many betrayals that leave him open to hurt. Read this starkly real, darkly haunting novella with a bold dark intense 5-star coffee.

The Tower Bridge, by Steve Simons feels like an adventure board game. Written for children, it details how two boys find themselves stranded in a different world, with aliens, a mysterious scientist, and all sorts of dangers to escape from before they get home. It's a fun tale with lots of oddities, various incongruities, and a satisfying conclusion. Enjoy with a 2-star easy-drinking coffee and get that board game out.

Challenging Zed, by Joss Stirling is a neat short story introducing a family of crime-fighters through the eyes of a jaded youngest brother. The new girl in school just might promise hope for his future, and the story's filled with great characters, promising an interesting series. Enjoy with a lively easy-drinking 2-star coffee.

and then some novels...

Beyond Tomorrow by P. L. Parker takes ordinary people and places them in extraordinary circumstances as a group of near-future scientists battle for their lives in the dim and distant past. As dangerous flesh-eaters draw close, one lonely woman finds herself falling for the handsome stranger. But how can she really have feelings for a primitive man, and what is his secret? It's not the first in a series, but it's easy to pick up Beyond Tomorrow without reading the earlier book--I did. Enjoy it's intriguing romance with a well-balanced, smooth-flavored 3-star coffee.

Between Dark and Light, by D. A. Adams, takes readers to a well-drawn world of elves, dwarves and men where powers are shifting and battles loom. Again, it's not the first in a series, but it stands alone well as a complete chapter in the larger adventure, leaving the reader both satisfied and eager for more.

Last but not least, Geraldine Solon's The Assignment is a real-world novel with mystery, history, enduring romance, and more as the village of Bataan lives on. Enjoy this elegant novel with an elegant 4-star coffee.

May the sun keep shining, and may February finally leave me!

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